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September release with first tutorial project file

In the tutorial, you will find now project files, that can be loaded with the current version 7. The first is the gain managed nonlinear amplification.

Furthermore, the current release 7.17 has some bugs removed and features added:

  • The latest Intel Math Kernel Libary has been linked, MKL 2023.0.2

  • The Plotter's setup is now saved and updated correctly

  • In general, the precision of double and RGB values saved to fiberdesk's XML files is improved

  • A new Euler stepper function is added to the parser to enable Euler integration in the measured values along the propagation (enables simple coupled differential equations)

  • A new measurement has been added: the inversion slope, so the change of inversion with increasing signal power, dn/dP .. interesting for transverse mode instability (TMI)

  • The fractional contribution of Raman, f_R, is now active on every selected nonlinear effect combination. That means, even without the Raman term, if you have a non-zero value, SPM will be reduced for example.

  • If you selected a predefined Raman response function, the parameter f_r changes accordingly to the values best fitting that modell.

  • The FAQ section now contains help for reseting fiberdesk to it's original state (either windows or all dialog settings).

  • The unit of the saturated nonlinear coefficient is corrected.

  • Parameter variations of the wavelength did not work correctly - fixed.

  • Parameter variation values did not get updated after loading - fixed.

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