Insert fiberdesk dongle. Download the latest package and simply run the executable file.

Please keep in mind that the file format might have changed in updates or upgrades. Move the older fiberdesk.exe to a different directory in order to be able to open previously saved files.


(latest update: 4th July 2021)

latest package including 64 bit versions of:

- fiberdesk 6.0 & Preview of 7.0

- manual and feature list

- python reader for fiberdesk files to display field and spectrum vs. propagation

link to latest HASP Driver

- required to work with the fiberdesk dongle that was shipped before 2019

- recent dongle version is driverless - no need to install a driver

DEMO Version

nonlinear effects and additional elements restricted


fiberdesk legacy versions

fiberdesk version 3,5lite,5

old manual, old tutorials