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Happy New Year, 2023

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

fiberdesk update

The following changes have been made in the current version 7.12 (7.13 on 3rd of Jan):

  • all post-processing tools are updated to the new file format "bpfx"

  • load and save is available (again) for the field alone. This file format (*.fieldx) can be used for creating a pulse (choose Type: from file) or injecting it.

  • injecting or coherent addition of a pulse now works for field different in datasize and spectral center

  • a bug regarding the "save single loop" has been removed

  • The "noise" simulation has been removed. It can simply be done by the parameter variation tool.

  • a bug regarding unicode names for projects has been removed

  • The "manipulation" tool now allows to calculate with a value named "k", which is an integration of the parsed values up to the current index. For instance, you could get the integrated energy and manipulate the current data with it. A tutorial will follow.

GitHub repository

fiberdesk has now its own public GitHub repository for the following actions via Python (Jupyter Notebooks):

  • fit a Taylor Series for dispersion to experimental data

  • fit the fiberdesk cross section parameters to experimental data

  • reading old and new propagation files that fiberdesk saved

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