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Before LASER World of PHOTONICS Update

Some changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • The Kerr nonlinearity is now saturable, just check the option and specify the saturation power

  • The measured values and parameters of the propagation have a description if you select an item

  • The manipulation dialog is enhanced.

  • Changing pulse parameter after creating enhanced.

  • The multi-element loop has become a new measured item, the loop counter. Different to the progress dialog, this value show the roundtrips already finished and not the current one.

  • To use this counter in a user defined scripted equation, one might need a way to select only each 5th loop. This can be done by using two existing features of the parser, the logical evaluation and the modulus function. The logical evaluation has the C++ form, e.g boolean evaluation ? result on true : result on false. As the modulus function is the rest of a division, a zero can indicated each 5th loop. In the following example the multiplication is done by 1 but each 5th loop by 0.1 (and the sqrt(0.5)), with the variable M3 as the counter loop:

Bugs that have been removed:

  • flickering of the measured value list and corrupt drawing then not topping the list

  • progress bar in multi-element propagation not updating

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