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Last Christmas - update

Finally a parser help was added to fiberdesk. Wherever you can script a variable, a small icon appears on the right side of the control (see red rectangle below). If you click on this icon, the help dialog (see screenshot) appears with the names of constants, functions and variables and their values or arguments. As you can see, I have to invest some hard work to fill in all the information. In the next update they will be added to all controls if necessary. So far it is implemented in some editing controls for testing.

This feature has been enabled by muparser. Here is a look into the code implementation in fiberdesk for those of you that can speak C++.

With todays update, the following bugs have been remove:

  • fiberdesk was producing errors, if no document was opened.

  • the dialog for defining user measures did not open, if you switched back from one document to another.

  • selecting "average power" in the "create pulse" dialog crashed fiberdesk (assert).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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