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Windows Fonts

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I received a message from a customer that fiberdesks text in dialogs is too wide and parts of the text have been disappeared. It quickly became clear that this must be a Windows feature because fiberdesk does not change the font of dialogs.

It turned out that I needed to learn something about how Windows uses fonts in dialogs and controls, especially if it is a localized version with special characters from Japan, China, Greece, etc.

You can read about the background here:

In summary, the default font for dialogs and controls is "MS Shell Dlg" since the early versions of Windows and "MS Shell Dlg 2" since Windows 7 or so. These fonts are not real fonts, but are substituted by other fonts. Most of the time you won't notice this, because by definition it could be Tahoma. However, it turned out that the customers's font substitut was Courier New, a much wider font.

If you have problems with the appearance of fiberdesk (or any other software), you can easily change the substitute font by using regedit as shown here:

In my example, I changed it to Times New Roman, restart the PC and got the following dialog in fiberdesk:

Interesting ...

Finally, I changed both font substitutes back to Sergeo UI on my Win 10 system.

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