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update - fiberdesk has to keep up with the times

Therefore, the smallest change in the current update is the ribbon bar that now uses the 2019 theme similar to the current microsoft office products. Also, dialog positions are now remembered.

Other changes are more relevant to your simulations:

  • A bug has been removed, where the rate equation measurements have not been done correctly especially during parameter variation.

  • The parameter variation also contained a bug preventing parsing of parameters from the pulse creating settings.

  • In the parameter variation, you might vary the parameter "a", which is connected to a pulse creation parameter. However, fiberdesk did not create a field in this scenario. Now you can force the field to be created with each parameter variation step.

  • The definition of the pulse spectral windows and the spectral position of the field definition are now independent. Please see the two independent settings of "array center wavelength" and "wavelength" in the grouped field profile definition.

  • Furthermore, the energy and average power are connected by the repetition rate as usual, but you need to favour, from which one the other one is calculated. While this was done automatically before, the option of allowing a scripted input forces the depending one to be calculated to a real number. Pleas see screenshot, where the energy is depending on the parameter "a" (zero in this case).

  • Hint: as energy can depend on "a", the pulse duration might depend inversely on "a" in order to create a pulse that has the same peak power for any "a". That might be on interest for parameter variations.

  • A similar dependency is included in the rate equation settings relating ion mass concentation, molecule molar concentration and ion density. The next update will include this functionality, currently, only ion mass concentration is supported.

  • Hint: These dependencies affect the parameter variation because only the selected parameter can be changed.

fiberdesk 5 and 6 have been uploaded to the package for download in its 64 bit versions.

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