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Summer Update - with C++ feedback

The python file reader for the new bpfx file format (xml based) is available in the package.

Some issues have been fixed in todays update:

- unicode characters prevented saving an arbitary file name, and found a bug in VS intellisens, not yet solved:

- molecular mass was not changed when selecting ion in rate equation setup

- parameter variation variables did not have a parser help button (but still worked as such)

- internal convergence improved for rate equation, which failed before in some cases

- copy ASCII to clipboard did not select comma or dot in the plotter dialog

- copy to clipboard did not work for the field correctly

- multiple results in the parameter variation now working correctly

- old BPF format still used in parameter variation

- watch list jumped back to the initial view on pulse create, so that the parameter, where the user scrolled, could see it anymore. No solution on the web, easy solution by the MS team:

- loading a plotter setting did not update the plot correctly

Any further bug reports or suggestions welcome!

Additionally, guest comments can now be posted!

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