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fiberdesk 7 published

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The main features of the upgrade are:

- compared to previous versions, where multiple documents were possible, but only contained the field information, fiberdesk 7 is now based on a single document architecture where every setup, the field and all parameter are combined to a project

- features in the simualtions now contain:

LLE simulation

linear and nonlinear beam propagation (Gauss optics) e.g. for multi-pass cells

- most dialogs and setup panes allow the loading and saving to files including a most recent file list

- all files are xml file, despite there different extensions (bpfx, fdprx, view-xml etc.)

- parameter variation, user defined measures and functions and the plotter is improved.

- latest MathKernalLibary 2022 (Intel) is included for maximum speed.


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