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initial fiberdesk 6 launch and update

All new customers get dongles without the need to install windows drivers.

Today, the package contains the newly published fiberdesk 6 as a 64 bit version (fd6_x64.exe). Throughout the year, additional features will be added to this new version.

Currently, some new features are:

The Plotter: make customized and beautiful graphics from your results.

Plotter now available in fiberdesk 6

A new propagation element: nonlinear optical loop mirror (see tutorial 8):

A new propagation element: nonlinear optical loop mirror (see tutorial 8)

With this update, all 64 bit versions are updated and the following bugs are removed:

- Parameter variation or simple propagations crashed fiberdesk in an unreproducable way. reason found to be an internal race condition problem. Please report, if such problems still occur.

- Rate equation did not start in parameter variation

- adaptive stepsize control zeros field after initial step

- colorbar fader produced missing color

- odeint crashed rate equation solver unpredictable (library conflict)

- infinite loop at zero propagation length

some improvements have been done:

- parameter variation allows cross referencing of x and y

- forward and backward fields are saved separately in multi-element propagation (and no empty files are saved anymore)

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